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A Supportive Pathway to a Bachelor’s Degree

ACES students are often the first in their family to pursue college. They may be first-generation Americans, immigrants, from a low-income family or have differing abilities that have limited their ability to pursue a bachelor’s degree. At ACES, we see their promise, and we believe in their potential.

We work to bridge identified gaps in public education by providing a seamless pathway of support that starts in high school, continues through community college, and to the attainment of a bachelor’s degree to ensure that college completion is possible, especially where support is needed most. The result is a sharp increase in college readiness, college applications, and graduation among students enrolled in ACES, who can then join the region’s workforce and contribute back to the local economy.

For every student, ACES provides the following core services over a sustained period of six years:

  • Individualized coaching
  • College application and financial aid support
  • Transition support first to community college, then to a four-year institution, and, finally, into a career
  • Leadership development programming and opportunities
  • Career readiness training and skills

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