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Our Impact

a students raising their hand in a ACES High School Workshop

A Transformative Approach to Education and Economic Development

ACES supports more than 2,500 students across all three of Montgomery County’s public education institutions each year, but its impact is felt far beyond those numbers. ACES serves as a lifeline for parents, a point of inspiration for siblings, a challenge for peers, and a powerful tool for fostering future leaders in Montgomery County.

Once ACES students complete their bachelor’s degree, they often stay in Montgomery County to work or attend graduate school.

A snapshot of ACES success.

Students annually throughout the MCPS-MC-USG pathway.
Enrolled at Montgomery College
Earned an associate’s or bachelor’s degree within four years (compared to a matched non-ACES group 25.2%).
Of credits attempted are completed by ACES students at MC.
Average GPA of ACES students at USG.

Join our team!

Explore rewarding opportunities and become part of a team that is committed to creating positive change.

Explore rewarding opportunities* and become part of a team that is committed to creating positive change. Start your journey today!

*ACES positions are funded by MC or 
USG – details will be in the job description.

Discover how ACES is actively shaping a brighter future.

Jonell Malone

ACES blessed me with scholarships to be debt free and opportunities for me to build my network and further my professional career. Love you, ACES!

Jonell Malone
University of Maryland at USG, B.A. 2019
Marianieli De Leon

The ACES program helped me navigate through the financial hardships of my undergrad studies by providing me with pivotal information that ensured that I didn’t need to pay for university with my own money! That’s why I managed to finish my undergraduate studies without any debt and will be doing the same thing with my master’s program at UMD!

Marianeli de Leon
University of Maryland at USG, B.A. 2021
Audrey Awasom

Without the ACES program, I would have been lost. It made my transition to college seamless. They [the ACES program] help you succeed. But success for me is not about how much money I make in the future, it’s about how many lives I impact—that’s what ACES taught me.

Audrey Awasom
University of Maryland at USG, B.S. 2018
Jorge Torres

ACES’ impact on my education has been incredibly empowering. The ACES program has always shown their relentless support in both an educational and financial level. I am fortunate enough to have become an ACES Champion Scholar. The strength and inspiration ACES has given me makes me feel boundless.

Jorge Torres
University of Maryland at USG, B.S. 2020
Jonell MaloneMarianieli De LeonAudrey AwasomJorge Torres
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