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ACES Montgomery College Student Ambassador Program

Student Ambassadors


The mission of the Montgomery College (MC) ACES Student Ambassador Program is to build a synergistic community of principle-based leaders within our ACES student team.  Our ultimate goal is to help educate through building empowering skills and support our ACES students to feel confident and centered as they prepare for their future.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Attend 2 meetings in the fall and 2 meetings in the spring
  • Speak/participate in 2 community engagement events
  • Educate prospective students and the community about the ACES program
  • Share ACES experiences as members of student/community panels, alongside ACES MC student ambassadors and ACES staff
  • Attend, discuss, and participate in the annual leadership forum
  • Have fun and build community!

Benefits of Participating in the ACES MC Ambassador Program:

  • Expand leadership, marketing, public speaking, customer service skills, and achieve community involvement while working with ACES coaches, staff and guest speakers
  • Empower oneself to create an impact on future ACES students’ education by sharing their personal experiences and mentoring
  • Be a part of a close-knit community committed to sharing one’s sense of pride in our growing ACES program

ACES MC Student Ambassador Program Criteria:

  • Must be an ACES student currently enrolled in Montgomery College
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher strongly preferred
  • Attend all ambassador meetings and events

ACES High School Ambassador Pilot Program – Year 1

ACES High School Ambassador Pilot Program – Year 1

In fall 2019, we launched our “ACES High School Ambassador Pilot Program”. Our 12 high school students participating in this inaugural season are seniors at Rockville High School.  They were nominated by their ACES academic coach.  Monthly meetings include lively discussions about excellence and leadership, as well as sharpening public speaking skills.  Responsibilities include attendance and active participation in monthly meetings, as well as community service at ACES spring Orientation program.

This program serves as a pathway to our ACES MC Ambassador Program.

In the future, our goal is to expand this program to other ACES high school seniors to ensure that our students continue to increase their understanding of leadership, as well as feel empowered with the necessary skills to become our future community leaders.


The ACES MC Student Ambassador application for the 2020-2021 academic year is now closed.   For more information about our ACES Student Ambassador program, please email Gina Marrazza, Coordinator, ACES Student Ambassador Program at

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