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Montgomery College ACES Ambassador Leadership Program

Student Ambassadors


The mission of the Montgomery College (MC) ACES Ambassador Leadership Program is to build a synergistic community of principle-based leaders within our ACES student team. Prominent leaders from our MC family and the Washington Metropolitan area are slated as guest speakers, and share their authentic experiences with our students about the changing roles and responsibilities of leaders in today’s post-pandemic changing world. ACES Ambassadors learn the empowering life skills – effective public speaking and writing skills – that give momentum to each Ambassador’s personal educational pathway…and ultimately a fulfilling career.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Attend 7 hybrid meetings (both in person and online) per fall & spring semester;
  • Each Ambassador will speak/participate in 2 community engagement events;
  • Help educate prospective students and the community about the ACES program through Zoom and “in person” meetings;
  • Share ACES experiences as members of student/community panels, alongside ACES MC student ambassadors and ACES staff;
  • Attend, discuss, and participate in the annual leadership forum;
  • Have fun and build a supportive community which will last beyond your years here at Montgomery College!

Benefits of Participating in the MC ACES Ambassador Leadership Program:

  • Expand leadership, marketing, public speaking, customer service skills, and achieve community involvement while working with ACES coaches, staff and guest speakers;
  • Empower oneself to create an impact on future ACES students’ education by sharing their personal experiences and mentoring;
  • Summer internship support and direction provided;
  • Be a part of a close-knit community committed to sharing one’s sense of pride in our growing ACES program.

MC ACES Ambassador Leadership Program Criteria:

  • Must be an ACES student currently enrolled in Montgomery College; or a high school student at Paint Branch High School;
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher strongly preferred;
  • Attend all ambassador meetings and events.

ACES Paint Branch High School Ambassadors Join MC ACES Ambassador Leadership Program

In spring, 2021, we invited ACES students from Paint Branch High School to apply to our MC ACES Ambassador Leadership Program. Six sensational students were chosen to participate in our MC ACES Ambassador monthly meetings to discuss the roles/responsibilities of leadership, and sharpen public speaking skills. Responsibilities included attendance and active participation in monthly meetings, as well as community service at ACES spring Orientation program.

This program serves as a pathway to our ACES MC Ambassador Program.

Are You Interested in Joining Our ACES Ambassador Leadership Program?

The ACES MC Student Ambassador application for the 2021-2022 academic year is now open.  Please apply here.  The application deadline is August 30, 2021.  For more information about our ACES Student Ambassador program, please email Gina Marrazza, Coordinator, ACES Student Ambassador Program at

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