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Key Program Interventions

  • Early, continuous investment by all participating institutions in student success
  • Montgomery College Academic Coaches located at the high schools
  • One-stop, case management approach
  • Financial aid assistance and assistance with program-specific grants and scholarships
  • Learning community/cohort-building model beginning in high school
  • Summer experience programs
  • Early, continuous investment by all participating institutions in student success
  • Participating High Schools
  • ACES Student Information Sheet


Montgomery County Public Schools services while in Grades 9-10

  • Personal electronic portfolio utilizing Naviance software including individualized four-year college preparation schedule; goal-setting; an inventory of interests and career options; and academic performance
  • Parent information sessions
  • Speakers, workshops, and classes aimed at supporting college preparation, enrollment, and success
  • Summer programs between 8th – 9th, and 9th – 10th grades


Montgomery College services while in Grades 11-12

  • Individualized support from a Montgomery College Academic Coach
  • Preparation for college entrance and placement exams
  • Information provided to parents on the college process
  • College visits
  • Assistance with admissions applications, financial aid forms, and scholarship planning assistance
  • Academic tutoring in partnership with George B. Thomas Saturday School and Montgomery College
  • Support with career exploration and selecting a college major
  • Assistance with enrollment and transition to college. This includes assistance with Disability Support Services for students who seek academic accommodations.
  • College information sessions for parents
  • Summer programs between 10th and 11th grade at Montgomery College


ACES services while at Montgomery College

  • Summer transition program for incoming Montgomery College students
  • Tutoring
  • Visits to the Universities at Shady Grove and prospective University System of Maryland campuses/access to activities
  • Guest matriculation at Universities at Shady Grove while completing Montgomery College degree
  • Guaranteed admission to a University System of Maryland institution with an Associate of Arts or Sciences degree
  • Universities at Shady Grove advising

ACES at Universities of Shady Grove

The Universities at Shady Grove (USG) will play an integral role in the ACES program from the time students are in high school until they receive a bachelor’s degree from a 4-year university. USG offers a unique kind of learning community and is designed for students who are professionally focused and want to fast track their degree. As an innovative partnership of nine University System of Maryland universities, USG is able to offer 80 of the best and most popular degree programs from across the state on one convenient and a cost-effective, state-of-the-art campus in Montgomery County. Students enroll in the university that offers the degree program they want, and they receive their degree from that university.

USG strives to create a supportive learning environment that provides the resources and assistance that students need to succeed in higher education and their careers. ACES students will experience this support during their participation in specialized summer programs, interaction with USG transfer access advisors and transfer success courses while at Montgomery College, and internships for college seniors that are enrolled in a program offered at USG. Below is a list of specific USG services that will be among the offering of services available to students participating in ACES:


USG services while at HighSchool

  • ACES students and their families will receive exclusive access to information and services offered at the Universities at Shady Grove
  • Early interaction with Maryland public university representatives through USG sponsored ACES events to assist students in identifying and mapping out an academic pathway
  • Summer bridge program for rising MCPS seniors that helps them discover career pathways through interaction with Montgomery County working professionals


USG services while at MC

  • Exclusive one-to-one access to USG transfer advisors
  • Select participation in USG transfer access programs
  • Summer bridge for rising MC sophomores
  • Customized MC participation in USG student support services


USG services while at USG

  • Exclusive one-to-one access to advising at USG
  • Access to USG student support specialists that guide ACES students from transfer to bachelor’s degree completion and beyond
  • Internships , career guidance and placement services for rising seniors at USG
  • Support services for ACES alumni of programs at USG
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