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students1-1000x500Under the leadership of the Board of Trustees and President DeRionne Pollard, and as part of its long-term strategic plan, Montgomery College is refocusing its attention on increasing student enrollment, retention and completion.

To accomplish those important goals, the College adopted a new academic organizational structure, began updating the physical master plans for facilities on each campus, and continues to work on a comprehensive academic master plan to help students identify their career pathway much earlier in their studies.

Currently, only 41 percent of students at the College graduate with an associate’s degree or transfer within six years of starting their postsecondary education. That leaves 59 percent of MC students in a place where they started to seek a better life for themselves—through education and greater economic opportunity—but haven’t fully accomplished that goal.

The College is also collecting and analyzing data in different ways to make better, more cost-effective decisions about class offerings, areas of study, and times of instruction to meet the needs of the more than 60,000 students who rely on Montgomery College for their postsecondary education.

“From a deeply personal place, I believe we have a moral obligation to be evermore intentional and deliberate in the lives of our students to illuminate the many pathways they might take along the way,” said Dr. Pollard.

“Historically, community colleges blazed the trail in providing equity in access to all students,” explained Dr. Pollard. “Now, just as important—maybe more important—we need to blaze the trail in providing equity in success for all students, regardless of their entry point, program of study or campus.”

To view Montgomery College’s Student Success Scorecard where these important data are publicly available, please visit:


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