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Mirna Guandique AlvarezThank you for giving me this opportunity to fulfill my dream of becoming a teacher. I say opportunity because with this scholarship I won’t have to worry about finding money for my tuition or books for this semester. I am the first person to go to college in my family. I was born in the United States but both of my parents are from El Salvador. My father did not have the same opportunities that I thankfully have. As a young boy my father had to find a job to support his family. He didn’t get the chance to have a proper education. My mother on the other hand did attend school but she unfortunately did not get to finish. Since both of my parents came from El Salvador and had little to almost no knowledge about college I was worried about applying to schools.

Thankfully I heard about the ACES program and immediately applied. ACES has helped me so much, if it wasn’t for this program I don’t know what I would have done. My ACES coach was always available to hear me out and answer all my questions. My ACES coach knew my strengths and weaknesses. He introduced me to the CREATE program, which is a program for teachers at Montgomery College. This program helps and supports students who want to be a teacher. I’m currently at Montgomery College as a freshman and my major is Elementary Education.

My first year in college is going pretty well, I really like the fact that I get to have the opportunity to be an intern at schools this year. For my fall semester I was an intern at an elementary school. It was a really nice experience to actually be in a classroom and helping a teacher teach. I learned a lot from my host teacher and I’m excited to see how my internship this semester goes. I haven’t joined  any clubs yet but I am looking forward to joining one in the future. I hope I grow more as a person at MC. The professors challenge their students to step out of their comfort zone and that’s exactly what I need I am hoping to graduate as soon as possible. I’m planning on taking summer classes to make that possible. I hope to work in a school as a special education teacher once I graduate from USG. Thank you again for this opportunity.

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